Welcom to Logistique CAF!

Logistique CAF is a logistics and transport specializing in all inclusive. We take care of all your steps and transportation needs, whether maritime, rail, air or land. We also offer storage of your products and goods with the ability to manage inventory in real time.

Always a solution

  • Storage and inventory management
  • Order management
  • Transport management
  • Logistics Consulting Services
  • Mobile Warehouse Rental

Reliability, Flexibility, Rigor

Flexible pricing depending on the needs of our customers

Managing maritime, rail, air and land in collaboration with our partners. Contact us.


Land transport to warehouse or warehouse door to door, we have the expertise and the network to do so.

Marine and rail

Logistics CAF has a network of strong partners for all your marine or rail transportation needs.

Air transport

Need a quick dispatch of goods or products? Air cargo is an effective and cheapest solution that can be believed

Our Services


customized service, tailored to customer needs. Our warehouses provide space to a height of 24 feet, and are clean and secure.

Mobile Warehouse

Rental trailers and parking spaces for different types of vehicles or containers.

Transportation Management

We manage all the logistics of shipping, rail, air and land in collaboration with our partners.

Goods picking

We also offer the collection of goods or delivery of products to our customers or even customers of our clients.

Inventory Management

We have all the technology to manage inventory in real time without having to worry about them.

Packaging and Palletizing

Palletising, wrapping, packaging, labeling, packaging-sampling; everything is done carefully by expert fingers.

Data about us

Square feet office
Square Feet Warehouse
Years of experience


Experience in trade logistics in which you can trust.

A strong network of partners to better serve you

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